About us

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aboutASN Hydrosystems is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of Hydrojet High pressure water jetting pumps. We specialize in various Equipments for Power and Process industries. ASN Hydro Systems India Pvt Ltd has two divisions one for Energy and other for Hydro. By viewing our web site you will get a comprehensive solution for your power and pump needs.

We are the pioneers in manufacturing of High and Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Pumps (Triplex Plunger Pumps) from 50 bar to 3500 bar. We also design & market all types of Industrial Strainers, Hot Water & Steam Washers, Sewage & Sludge removable Gulper Systems, Solar Energy Plants, Diesel Generators, AMF Panel, Control Panels & Low Tension control panels (LT Control Panels) & LED Lights

A few of ASN Hydro Systems benefits include:

  • Headquartered in CHENNAI, India near the international Air & Sea port for fast shipping throughout the country and around the world.
  • Expert employees and factory-trained technicians – with more than 100 years of collective experience working with Pump and Process Equipments.
  • Specialized equipment for manufacturing high quality products which comes with 12 months warranty.
  • Design capabilities to creatively tackle any technical issues in all types of industrial strainers as well in electrical control panels. (LT)
  • Engineering assistance for new applications or to resolve a complicated technical problem.
  • Field service available all over India.

ASN Hydro Systems has been in business for many years and almost all our customers have become our friends. Why? Because ASN Hydro Systems provides superior service, quality workmanship, industry knowledge, years of experience and immediate turnaround time on services.

Learn more about our facility or contact us today for Pumps and other process equipment service.
ASN Hydro Systems recently remodeled our facility to better serve our clients. Our building and equipment are designed to provide the highest quality product out put and service for all types of power and process equipments.

Test Stand
The test stand is capable of testing at various speeds and pressures and has a capacity of 150 HP. The test stand allows us to match conditions on your machine and its filters keep the fluid in the test extremely clean so your system is not contaminated. Can test almost any pump configuration and helps us provide you a unit rebuilt to the highest possible efficiency.
Spray Wash
removes all surface contamination and old paint to give us the best part fit. The unit looks like new after it is assembled and painted.
Recycling Wash
helps clean parts that can’t go through the caustic wash tank, allows us to detail various pump and motor components and is necessary to clean lapping compound of lapped parts. The recycling wash tanks keep the fluid cleaner than conventional tanks so we have less contamination in a newly rebuilt unit.
ASN Hydro Systems keeps a standing inventory of a wide variety of parts for Power and Pumps. We also keep remanufactured complete units and some new units in stock. This inventory allows us to provide you with immediate service.

Hydrojet High Pressure Pump, Diesel Engine Parts & Motor Inventory
ASN Hydro Systems maintains a full inventory of Hydrojet High Pressure pump spares to provide the quickest service when your pump fails.